Cheese of the week: Lincolnshire Poacher

Lincolnshire Poacher uses unpasteurised cow’s milk sourced from the farm’s own dairy herd. Simon & Tim Jones, together with their 230 Holstein Fresian cows have created a cross between a traditional West Country Cheddar and a continental alpine cheese such as Comté.

Making the cheese is an unusual blend of art and science. Getting the right temperatures and acidities throughout the process is vital. Their cheese makers need to have a really good feel for the curd because it is this, that determines when the whey is drained off. This is critical for getting the right texture and our distinctive flavour.

Why do we love Lincolnshire Poacher? Because it is delicious!

  • It is a hard, cow’s milk cheese known for its smooth texture and a rich, full-bodied flavour.
  • The cheese is typically aged for 14 to 24 months, contributing to its firm and crumbly consistency.
  • It is made using unpasteurised milk, which enhances the depth and complexity of its taste.
  • It is described as having a nutty, savoury, and slightly sweet flavour with hints of fruitiness.
  • This cheese is versatile and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of accompaniments, such as crackers, fruits, or chutneys.
  • Lincolnshire Poacher has gained recognition and popularity for its high quality and traditional craftsmanship.

Pop in and give it a try!

It is also available to order on our Christmas website. Why not make Lincolnshire Poacher the star of your Christmas cheeseboard.